One of the first questions I ask business owners is “what do you want your website to do for you?” This leads to the second most important question,  “how do you market your business?” As you can imagine, the answers are sometimes vague and vary widely.

Those answers usually lead to my explanation of “push” and “pull” marketing and why it’s important to understand both when it comes to your website. “Push” marketing is directing people to your website through your business cards, brochures, flyers, and networking. “Pull” marketing is people finding you online with effective SEO through searches or social media.


Networking and ReferralsAs a small businesses if you don’t have a budget for SEO and or other online marketing besides handing out your printed marketing materials, networking should be your best friend as well as the most cost effective if done correctly:

  • Practice your 30-60 second business explanation or commercial. Focus on how you help and solve problems through your business service or product.
  • Find a good networking group that focuses on growing each others’ business and not just a social get together.
  • Find other businesses within the group that compliment what you do or provide and work together to find and help clients.

Search Engine Optimization:

Finding a good SEO company requires some homework on your end and things to consider:

  • Do some research on SEO and make sure you understand the purpose.
  • Ask for referrals and interview at least 2-3 SEO companies.
  • Make sure they understand what you want to accomplish and whether or not your expectations are attainable.
  • Make sure you understand what they do, how they do it, how it will be measured, how often, and how working together will accomplish your online goal.

Get found Online Through SEO

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