wordpress blog creationI mentioned before my goal has been blogging, blogging and still more blogging. I’ve recently read some great articles providing information on how to blog, what to blog about and blog pitfalls to avoid, of course all great information and I learned a lot.

BUT…my daughter really got me excited about blogging when she taught be about Ethos, Pathos and Logos from the Greek philosopher Aristotle? What are they and what do they mean?? She’s taking 7th grade Rhetoric and learned about applying “persuasive appeal” when making a speech or presentation.

The definitions are:

  • Ethos – credibility (or character) of the speaker (or writer in my case)
  • Pathos – emotional connection to the audience
  • Logos – logical argument

Why are they important? Aristotle believed these were essential qualities to have in your speech or presentation before your audience would accept your message. 

My goal: implementing these in each of my blogs.