why-convert-to-a-wordpress-platform-sept2016Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, or a site owner, converting your current website to WordPress is probably a question you have floating around daily. Are there really any benefits in going from HTML to WordPress? Should you take the time to convert it yourself or work with someone who will do it seamlessly for you? Why do I really want to even consider converting? If you’re still toying with the idea and aren’t completely sold, here are four reasons why you should convert your site to WordPress today.

Easy to Work With

Let’s face it. Sometimes your traditional HTML site can be really tricky to work with. With WordPress, once the site has been created, it’s just a click of a button to add photos, blogs, or content to your site. You can also add in plugins and other items to your site very simply, without having to know the codes yourself.

Very Customizable

Because WordPress has a large group of developers, there’s always a way to make your site stand out and be unique. You can customize the site how you want to portray your brand, company, or logo.

Utilize SEO Easier

Some sites and hosting locations are just not friendly to the SEO needs of your business or company. They make it difficult to get the keywords you want working for you. However, WordPress is very SEO friendly making your keyword issues a thing of the past.

Ready for Your Mobile Clients

WordPress makes it easy for your clients and customers to access your site on the go. These sites are mobile ready and reduce the need for extra coding or changes to your current site. With all the smartphones and tablets out there, you want your site accessible from any device.
If you’re ready to make the change to WordPress, give Toni a call at Websites by Toni. You can have your site converted over, have management services, and keep your content fresh and updated at all times. Allow Toni to help you step into the future of your website today!