When it comes to running a business website, there is an element you want to make sure you have in place. A blog. Why do you need a blog on your site that already tells about your business? Here are five reasons you should consider adding a blog, even if you think your business information on your site is enough.

oct2016-why-you-should-start-bloggingBrings in Traffic

One of the main reasons you want a blog on your website is, it brings constant flows of traffic to your site. Your blog will help you to show up in the index of sites more as it is another page added to your current site. It also helps to get your name out there on social media platforms if you’re posting on a regular basis.

Convert Leads

Another great aspect of blogging is it can help convert those random traffic hits to your site to actual solid leads for your business. Say you decide to offer a free service to your clients for signing up for your email list. This then converts that person who is just a number coming by your site to an actual hard lead for your business to utilize in the future.

Information for Marketing

One aspect of blogging that can assist in your business is the ability to spread the word about a new product launch you have going on. This can be an easy way to start sending out teasers that new products are in the works and start getting your clients, and potential clients excited about them.

Long-term Results Possible

Blogging can also help you bring about long term results for your site. It can do so while you’re sleeping, out with your family, or even on vacation. That is because your site is always up and running even if you’re not. This can help you to keep getting reoccurring visitors and new visitors without lifting a finger.

Set Yourself as an Authority

One final amazing aspect of blogging is it sets you up as an industry authority. You can share your knowledge and show that you are an expert in your field. Setting yourself up as an authority in your niche will cause people to come back to you when they’re looking for information regarding your products and services.

Adding a blog to your site is a fantastic way to market, get the word out, and to make sure your experience and knowledge is put to good use. Contact Us today to help you get started!