One of my 2012 resolutions is to blog more on my website. Besides adding fresh content to my website, my ultimate goal of blogging is to provide information on how to do things within a website or blog. There are so many great websites out there and in order to implement something similar on a client’s website I have to research that “cool thing” they have asked for. Google has become my new best friend.

So how am I going to get started on blogging in 2012? Well I’ve spent the last year reading a lot about blogging and I just gave a presentation in one of my networking groups regarding blogging. I provided some information, tips and tricks that I found reading articles from Hubspot, DIYthemes, and Who’s Blogging What (just to name a few). One of the best little tid bits that I presented is called the 6 Buttons of Social Buzz. Check out my short video and read the complete article from for more information.

Please share any other websites or blogs that you have come across regarding WEBSITES or BLOGS that you think provide great content and information.

Happy Blogging in 2012!!